Pop Up Window?

    Oct 16 2009 | 5:08 pm
    Hi, for a GUI I am designing for a midi generator patch, I would like to be able to have a window pop open depending on an item selected from a umenu. Is there an object that could do this? I looked at messages to be sent to [patcher], but nothing seemed to suit this purpose.

    • Oct 16 2009 | 5:08 pm
    • Oct 16 2009 | 8:13 pm
      pcontrol if you want to pop up another patch. also if you want it floating (good for one-shot popups) you can send a loadbang to "floating 1" to thispatcher, with "window exec" afterwards. check [thispatcher] help file, there are a LOT of goodies in there... window messages and scripting commands. tons more going on under the hood than one might think at first glance.