Possibilities with guitar and max4live

    Dec 19 2009 | 8:05 pm
    Hi Guys,
    I'm just new starting out in Max having just bought M4L. I'm just trying to get an idea of what I may be able to do with max4live and my guitar mainly. Although I may play with some simple synthesis stuff, i'd probably stick to using my many VST/AU's for that!
    I've read about the audio input limitations in M4L. I'm wondering can I combine midi and audio, and audio and other data?
    Would the following be possible in M4L? 1. creating a multieffects board for guitar (yes) - then controlling it with a midi foot controller?
    2. adding an accelerometer to my guitar (say just taping on a wiimote), and then using that data to modulate the audio/audio effects that i'm putting on the guitar with the above patch?
    3. combining my guitar and voice (realtime) in some weird and wonderful way that I havent thought of yet to come up with a guitar/voice vocoding monster thing?
    Essentially - am I missing out on being able to do some things due to the limitations of m4l? I know (or am pretty sure that the above can all be done in max)
    Thanks for the help! Vinay

    • Dec 20 2009 | 7:08 pm
      Thanks raja - can I just confirm all these functions will work in max4live? - I don't have to purchase max standalone? I think max for live makes some of this easier for me as I can use whatever effects I make with my favorite amp mdels and other vst effects easily.
      I'm still working through tutorials but it is good to have something to focus on. Obviously most standard effects are pretty easy to come by in vst or foot pedal form, but it gives me a starting point for learning. And then I can work into the latter two myself.
      I was unsure however if I am able to integrate midi and audio inputs into the same max4live patch? The seem to be created under the defined categories of audio effect, audio instrument, or midi instrument/midi effect.
      Thanks for the help though. If anyone has done any processing with their own guitars I'd love to hear about it!
    • Dec 21 2009 | 4:53 pm
      hey vinayk. as a m4l and max user myself, since beta and 8 years respectively, i can guarantee everything you want to do + much much more is totally possible in and even perfectly suited to max-for-live. hanging out on forums and reading docs and doing all the tutorials AND looking at the brilliant links raja has posted already, will get you there for sure. midi in to audio out in live is handled by 'Max Instrument'. sending data around in various ways by live.remote~ and others, sends / receives (with caveats) and OSC very well. taking apart the brilliant max-5-guitar tutorials is an excellent introduction and education.