Possible bug with searchbox in object explorer

    Oct 16 2011 | 10:48 pm
    I'm creating a new object which should add two numbers or signals.
    I double click, select the 'Max' section and realizing I want to do math I'm entering 'math' in the search field. Now 2 objects appear under the 'Math' section; expr and vexpr.
    Not what I want, but at least I know a 'math' category exists. So I now clear the search field (see *), go to 'select category' and select 'math'. Now its all there.
    I then use 'select category' again, this time back to "show all". Now enter 'math' into the search field again; this time the two objects won't show anymore.
    You can "undo" this behavior by clicking "go to category" again after you done the search, and then select the "math" category. Now it shows those math objects again. However, I think these should already have been there considering that I selected "show all" in the first place.
    Summing up:
    - New patcher, double click to create an object. - Click 'Max' section. - Enter 'math' in the search field; 2 objects under 'math' will show. - Clear the search field. - Select 'go to category' and select 'math'. - Now do the same and select 'show all'. - Enter 'math' again in the search field; this time nothing shows.
    I suspect a bug here. Hope this helps!
    * Footnote:
    "Clearing the searchbox". I did this by double clicking and hitting 'del'. However noticed different behavior if I double clicked, hit 'del' followed by 'enter' (then it will show the default "search" text again).
    When testing the above I used both approaches to clear the search box, both with the same results.
    PS: I should /read/ first and post later :-) I send in a bug report anyway because I'm quite positive, also referring to this thread. Would be cool if someone could chime in if they can reproduce this behavior.