Possible Maxuino Bug

    Oct 07 2010 | 5:10 pm
    I'd like my Maxuino patch to initialize my device with all of the correct parameters at load time. I set up a coll object to shoot the following to maxuino-gui:
    1, /13/mode 1; 2, /7/mode 0; 3, /0/mode 2;
    Pins don't respond until their mode is explicitly set. The Maxuino-gui patch shows the pins as set to mode 0. When I try to set any pin to mode 0, it still doesn't respond. However I have found that if I set pin 7 to a different mode first, and then back to mode 0 then it works. I have been able to repeat this behavior on most of the pins I have tried. So now my initialization data looks like this: 1, /0/mode 2; 2, /7/mode 2; 3, /7/mode 0; 4, /13/mode 1;
    Have any Maxuino users seen this behavior? Any workarounds?
    Peace, Will