Possible to copy a device/instrument from one track to another?

    Nov 29 2013 | 7:04 pm
    Hi all,
    I currently have a track with an Instrument Rack in it that allows me to choose which instrument (e.g. which synth) I want to use, via the Chain Selector. No problem there, except that if I have many synths to choose from, the synths I'm not using are still taking up RAM and possibly CPU time.
    I do not want to just drag the synth I need from the MyFavoriteSynths folder in the browser. I need to do it in M4L (or M4L Javascript).
    I had considered the idea of having all of my synths on some other track, which I freeze. First I would choose which synth I want. Then I hit a button on my MIDI controller, which would cause the synth I want to be copied to another track and select that track. This would leave the track with the many synths frozen and save on RAM/CPU.
    Hope this makes sense. Is there a better way? (It must be M4L or M4Ljs because I want to incorporate this feature into a M4L project I'm currently working on.)
    Perhaps another way of asking is: Is it possible to copy a chain from one Instrument Rack to another Instrument Rack (which is on a different track) using M4L, etc.?
    Thanks in advance, miguel3d