Preloading with Buffers?

    Oct 17 2013 | 4:37 pm
    Hi, basically I need Max to work as an AudioPlayer for my project. This means that it should be able to play "Mp3", "Wav" and maybe some other common formats.
    I'm pretty new to Max and tried some things now ending up with the "buffer~" object and the "groove~" component.
    My question is: I would like to keep 3 files loaded at the same time (to avoid long loading breaks) : One previous object, the current file and one next object (all buffer~ objects)
    now is it possible to say: If I click "Previous" --> Current_Buffer = Previous_Buffer ; Previous_Buffer = Import (//filepath) ;
    ... and also: is this a good idea? Or would there maybe be a faster way (since in case the player wants to skip or go back more than one song it will load for a longer time anyways)
    Thank you for any answer in advance :)

    • Oct 21 2013 | 3:40 pm
      To load one buffer content into another buffer send "duplicate" plus the name of the buffer it shall takeover.
      duplicate buffer-name [symbol] The word duplicate, followed by a symbol that specifies the name of a buffer~, will import the contents of the named buffer.