preset mapper, rack preset,clip mapper devices make Ableton live crash

    Nov 14 2010 | 6:05 pm
    Hello there,
    I recently bought Max for Live and I've downloaded several max devices. I'm trying to automate parameters from different plugins and want to use devices like:
    preset mapper, rack preset, sixteen macros snapshor morpher and clip mapper
    The problem is that Live crashes constantly when I use these devices. When I load one of the devices everything seems fine at first, but after a while Live becomes unstable and crashes, sometimes giving me blue screens of death (never had those anymore..). Or even when I load a device, delete it and reload Live crashes. I've tried it on my desktop and laptop and both pc's give the same (bad) results. ''A serious error occured. Live will shutdown after this message''. What to do?
    I cannot find other people with these problems on the net, so I hope anyone can help me out. Am I doing something wrong, wrong versions, wrong settings? Please help!
    Lots of thanks, M
    Ableton live 8.2.1 Max 5.1.5 Windows XP Sp3; quadcore 9300; creamware pulsar

    • Nov 14 2010 | 6:20 pm
      I'm not familiar with these patches, but if they give you problems then the first thing I'd do is contact the author and inform him about it. That's your best source of info; it could be a bug in the patch itself or perhaps you're using it incorrectly, etc...
      So far I never experienced bsod's; I did manage to crash Live a few times but that was completely my own doing :-)
    • Nov 14 2010 | 6:33 pm
      Thanks for the reply,
      I already contacted the author, but he didn't know a solution either. I was hoping someone has similar problems and knows a way to deal with them.
      Greetings, M