prevent dialog from storing value

    Apr 07 2012 | 5:07 pm
    Dialog seems to hang on to the last thing I typed in it... not really what I'm going for. Can I clear the values when I close it?
    Thanks much in advance

    • Apr 07 2012 | 5:55 pm
      this is strange, but it works: make a message box with
      symbol ""
      Max will erase the quotes, but if you click the resulting message box (instead of a bang) to open your [dialog], whatever was there before will be erased. So it's not clearing after you enter, it's before, but hey, I think the result is the same.
      interesting: try it with just
      symbol or symbol ...error...
      somehow, after erasing the "" there is still something there...ghosts in the machine...ahh, great album ;)
    • Apr 07 2012 | 5:57 pm
      *snicker* cool thx.
      I love this place... it's like wetware distributed processing =P
    • Apr 07 2012 | 6:23 pm
      sorry - still a mite confused. The symbol is the title of the dialog, no? I meant the inputted text. Unles you are talking about a different object?
    • Apr 09 2012 | 12:21 am
      do u often use the max help if you need information about objects, the dialog help shows how to use the symbol message. instead of text you can use an empty symbol or a space ""; " " to end up with an empty enter box when opening. i think it's not even possible to change the dialog title text on the fly once the object is created. O.