Probelm using two JIT.VCR objects

    May 19 2013 | 8:10 pm
    Hi people,
    I'm stuck...!!! Currently making a little program on MAX/MSP and struggling using two JIT.VCR objects. Have attached a pic of the patch. I am taking 5 secs of audio and video from computers inbuilt mic and camera (using Vizie Grabbr object) and recording them through jit.vcr to disk. This then gets processed and I want to save the output audio and video to disk with new file names. Using two of the JIT.VCR objects seems to be confusing the patch as it is only recording material from the GRABBR. So close and yet so far from finishing the project - would be great if someone could help!!

    • May 20 2013 | 5:28 am
      A little hard to tell what's going on here but check your arguments to the [send] objects. They shouldn't have spaces, or if they do the argument should be in quotations.