Problem accessing relative files in File class

    Sep 23 2009 | 9:14 pm
    I can get to files with an absolute path. I can get to files in the current directory.
    But I can't get to files in subdirectories using a relative path.
    Here's code. My local directory contains a file ("hello.") and test/ ("there!").
    function evalfile(name) {
        return post('(' + new File(name).readstring(100) + ')n');
    // Two ways to get to the same file.
    // But I can't see a file in a subdirectory!

    • Sep 26 2009 | 3:15 pm
      No replies here? Does someone want to at least try to reproduce this?
      This isn't a game-stopper for me but it's making life somewhat inconvenient. I have a performance command system that's driven by lots of little data files and because of this they litter my main directory instead of residing in a tiny subdirectory.
      I'd gladly fix this little bug if you gave me access to the source code!
    • Sep 30 2009 | 9:44 pm
      All right, I worked around this bug. (The documentation states that relative paths are possible and they aren't, so it's a bug.)
      I simply get the foldername for the js file itself, and use that to construct relative paths. My unit tests all pass!
      (This probably only works on Mac, not Windows, I didn't test it there.)
      var _root_directory = new File('read_json.js').foldername;
      var _separator = '/';
      function read_json(name) {
        if (name.indexOf(':' ) == -1 && name[0] != _separator)
          name = _root_directory + _separator + name;
        return eval('(' + new File(name).readstring(1000000) + ')');
    • Oct 23 2009 | 4:58 pm
      One more update on this little issue!
      This MAXBUG workaround has been working perfectly well for me - but I realized it wasn't quite doing what I thought!
      var _root_directory = new File('read_json.js').foldername;
      var _separator = '/';
      ...does NOT necessarily identify the directory containing the JS code - instead it identifies the directory where the containing Max patch lives.
      This actually works out very well for me - it means I have to have a separate data directory for my unit tests, which is just what I want. But it's important to be clear about what's going on.
    • Jan 15 2010 | 11:22 pm
      Relative paths in Max are relative to the Max Application. There is no current syntax for patcher or javascript file relative paths.
      Your workarounds are the way to go.
    • Jan 15 2010 | 11:30 pm
      Very clear then. Thanks!