problem in saving a patch

    Sep 06 2006 | 1:33 pm
    I am making a patch.
    into this patch I had a [PAK agcEnabled 1] to comunicate to a omx.comp~ object.
    I had noted that PAK is in UPPERCASE, and I change to lowercase:
    [pak agcEnabled 1]
    than I sae this patch and voile !
    open this and IT IS UPEERCASE ! the PAK word !
    then I save as a new patch as samename2 with the PAK in lowercase...
    I open newly.
    alehop ! other time in UPERCASE !
    I am very confused...
    what happen ?
    I work with g5 2.5

    • Sep 06 2006 | 9:21 pm
      atlas wrote:
      > I am very confused...
      > what happen ?
      Did you repair permissions? could be a read-only place or something like
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