problem of converting osc to midi then sending to ableton live

    Apr 30 2010 | 12:45 pm
    Hi everybody, Im a flesh maxmsp user. I have a problem of converting osc(flash osc) to midi then sending to ableton live. Now i can receive osc in maxmsp and send midi from the maxmsp but using 'keymidi' to talk to ableton. I dont know which object should i use (cltout/nodeout) and how to link them together. I'v tried many ways in max to send midi so that i can set midi shoutcuts to control tracks in live. But under max dropdown list 'extras', I can use 'keymidi' to send midi signal via loopbe (virtual midi port) to control live.
    Is there anyone who can provide a example patch which can route ose parametres, converting to midi and sending out so that i can get started? Could you also attach the .maxpat file? Normally, when i use the code, some parametres or patch is missing. I dont know why...Sorry about my poor english.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Apr 30 2010 | 1:08 pm
      You can install MidiYoke which will create virtual links between Max and Live for example. When done, clicking on ctlout object will show you midi yoke choices : MidiYoke1, MidiYoke2, etc. Then you can decide to link some Midi devices in Live with the MidiYoke parameters in Max. (You will see new Midi Input in live as soon as you will have Midiyoke installed on you computer)
    • Apr 30 2010 | 1:20 pm
      Thanks Mayou.
      I forget to mention, i cannot install midiyoke in windows 7 althoug i'v tried manual setup many times. So i use loopbe instead. And i can choose midi input/output both in max and ableton live. I use the 'keymidi' or 'midi test' in max to test, they works fine. it means i can control live in max only with them.
      i cannot make my own patch to get it works (convert osc to midi, send to virtual port...)