Problem opening some patches pasted from list

    May 07 2007 | 7:08 pm
    Looking through my folder of patches copy/pasted from the list, there are
    one or two that will only open as text; even if I try to copy the text and
    select 'new from clipboard' they still open as text.
    When opened as as text, I can see nothing that distinguishes those that
    will open as patches from those that wont, and both types have the same
    icon, .pat extension etc.
    Examining them with InfoDrop, I see that the file type and creator of both
    types is 'TEXT' and 'max2', but there is one difference; one's 'Magic Type'
    is shown as being 'data', whereas the other is shown as being 'ASCII text,
    with CR line terminators' - it's the latter that will open as patches.
    (interestingly, I just downloaded a newer version of InfoDrop which gives
    both files' Magic Type as 'Max Binary File')
    So wtf is the 'Magic Type', and is it significant here, and - most
    importantly - how can I get the 'text only' files to open as Max patches ?