Problem with Isight Camera and other webcam.

    Jan 27 2011 | 4:57 pm
    When i try with the extras function JITTER TESTER nothing happens. Some problems with the isight camera.
    MAC OSX 10.6.6
    MAX 5.1.3
    The isight works well with quicktime and other application that required the camera but not with max/jitter.
    What can i do to solve the problem??
    Any solutions about the problem??
    I' ve tried to made something in jitter but nothing happens.
    Maybe some files are missing??
    Pls help me.
    Thx a lot for your support

    • May 10 2011 | 6:34 pm
      i have max 5.1.8 and macosx 10.6.7 and quicktime 10.0, and jitter doesn't seem to work well with quicktime. Even the tutorial 21 doesn't work well. It crashes or the qt file simply is bad..
    • May 12 2011 | 5:38 am I have the same "setupt§ softwarewise as you and don't have any problems at all…
    • May 12 2011 | 9:11 pm
      Are there any error messages in the Max window when trying to use these patches? Please give a step-by-step report of what you are doing, and what is going wrong. With the camera input, be sure to close any other applications or patches that might be accessing the camera.