Problem with JazzMutant's Granular Synth patch under Max5

    Jan 19 2011 | 4:44 pm
    Hi everyone,
    I'm having trouble using JazzMutant's Granular synthesis example patch under max5, can't find out the problem. No audio would come out, ever. I would assume from the messy objets layout in the windows, that the patch was originally made on max4, but i might be wrong. [Max window would only display as an error, that tapin~ objects don't understand the message 'stop' — but that object was only part of a panning sub-patcher, which i bypassed to work out the problem, but it still won't work.]
    so I have no idea where the pb comes from. has anyone seen or heard about this ? lemur users? thanks in advace.

    • Jan 21 2011 | 10:14 pm
      it works ok for me and i haven't changed a single thing: "Examples_V2.03MaxGranularGranular_Lemur_Main_Patch.mxb", GranularSynthesis.jzml template (2006-07-05), max/msp 5.1.7, os x 10.5.8, lemur os 2.0.3b6. i just load some samples and drag my finger around the center rectangle and i hear the granular audio. fun!
      so it seems more likely the problem is a communication issue between max and your lemur. check your osc target settings. quit max, verify the jazz editor detects your lemur, load the template, make a [jazzserver] object with argument of the port number you are using, attach a [print] and check the max window while you press buttons (see pic). if all that works, try reverting to the granular patch before you edited it.