problem with

    Feb 23 2006 | 3:32 pm
    Hi, Jitter people, I use now MaxMSP4.5.5/Jitter1.5.2
    I have a problem with the jitter external because in the same patch: In MaxMSP4.5.3/Jitter1.2.3 > NO GL Errors, my patch worked nice In MaxMSP4.5.5/Jitter1.5.2 > GL Errors with textures but no crash, textures in my patch are not visible anymore!
    Max window shows GL Errors: building GL on window "Backworld"... building GL on window "BeatTheSabbath"... setting subteximage during submission.: GL Error: Invalid operation
    and building GL on window "Backworld"... building GL on window "BeatTheSabbath"... error binding texture to target: GL Error: Invalid operation error entering unbind: GL Error: Invalid operation
    but i don't use this external in my patch!
    This error gives this problem: > Textures are in Jitter1.5.2 not on every 3d model visible like before with Jitter1.2.3 where it worked properly.
    I think that there is a problem with the external in Jitter1.5.2 because of this changes:
    - now uses internally. use sendtexture message to send messages to the texture set by usetexture
    I hope somebody has a solution, because i have to do a performance with this patch in two weeks. Thanks and regards, Bart