problem with poly~ and openGL objects

    Feb 06 2007 | 5:28 pm
    the idea of the patch is to be able to send midi notes (polyphonic) so that multiple shapes can be drawn simultaneously. the shape "sustains" whilst the note is held down. upon release, the alpha of the shape decays like a volume envelope... currently it's still monophonic!?
    i'm sure it's something to do with poly~ / or thispoly~ but i have double checked everything and still doesnt work. the idea originated from randy jones's poly patch, but this uses target to send messages to this poly. this is not so practical for me as i want to be able to track sustained notes.
    main patch --
    save as poly.gridshapetest --

    • Feb 06 2007 | 5:52 pm
      please ignore this post, found the problem...