problem with serial

    Apr 10 2013 | 2:17 am
    hi everybody.
    I'm using a pololu micro maestro card to drive sevo with a serial/usb connection. No problems to deal with servos. This card can also trigger inputs (switchs etc.) I can read the inputs, no problems with connexion.
    My problem : Just by sending a list (144 0 or 1 or 3) i can read inputs (#1 #2 #3), it return a number To the max serial object, i have to send this message (144 0) and a bang to read the data. (correct ?) I want to listen 3 inputs independantly. I tried to instancied one serial object per "switch", but only one serial object working at same time for the same port. (is it a limitation of max4live ?) So how can I separate datas from each input, because each one give the same type of data, without header or wathever to recognize them. I tried to put differents anachronics metro to each with a gate to read only the data for that "tick' of metro, but doesn't work, when i press switch on the first, the two are readed on...code
    code Is it a traditional solved issue in 3d year of school for exemple ? I jumped on music life before this one...
    Thank you for yours lights, and sorry for my approximative english.