problem with slab ...

    Aug 05 2012 | 6:20 pm
    I would like to create a tail with slab on the red dots spread by jit.p.shiva by sending it to texture but cant succeed.
    any hint?
    heres my original patch where I want to create tails and blur the red dots:
    Heres my try by sending it to achieve this by sending it to texture and apply slab.gauss6x but then it doesnt display all the spheres any more:
    any hint???

    • Aug 06 2012 | 7:43 pm
      you should use for capturing.
      also, @draw_mode points will be *much* more efficient for this kind of thing:
    • Aug 08 2012 | 3:08 pm
      Im always confused about how it calculates the mesh? are there any further reading about this objects somewhere to recommend?
      two further questions though: 1) any way of getting rid of the transparent edges that seems to surround the circular objects created by (you can see them if you turn to 0 2) it seems to the biggest pointsize is around 50 or something like that. what if I want even bigger circles?
      thanks p
    • Aug 08 2012 | 5:35 pm just uses the standard opengl drawing methods (set by the @draw_mode attribute) search the forum or the web for more info on these. in the above example, it's simply drawing a point for every vertex you pass in (ie, every cell of the matrix input, or every particle)
      if this doesn't give you enough flexibility, you can instead draw with and
    • Sep 02 2012 | 11:17 pm
      Yo Robert! Why i get this amount of error messages if i paste your patch from the clipboard?
      i run win7 x64 and Max6.0.5