Problems making my patch an app?

    May 16 2011 | 10:49 am
    Hi there, I'm fairly new to max/msp. I have been experimenting with making a granular type sampler instrument that uses nathan woleks granular toolkit (gran.space2).
    I have just been trying to turn my patch into an application, i did this by building a collective and saving it as an application. Everything seems to be working fine apart from the gran.space2 effect which just feedbacks when you turn its volume up a little bit. The other problem I noticed is that the overall volume for the whole application is extremely low compared to how it was before (i need to turn my speakers all the way up just to hear it)
    As I said Im new to max so my patch is probably a little messy but any advice on my patch (not just for the problems already stated) would be very much appreciated!

    • May 16 2011 | 3:08 pm
      When building a standalone app (or a collective) if your using any abstractions you have to include them in the build. So when you goto Build Collective / Application, click on Include File or Include Folder (if you have a bunch of abstractions all in one folder). This will include the abstraction into your standalone.
      Cheers GW