problems with building patch

    Apr 28 2006 | 4:53 am
    Hi, Ive got patch that involves playing a clip through imovie as well as some audio which all works happily as is. When I come to build the patch though I cant seem to get the movie clip to load on the startup with everything else...
    for the audios Im using 'loadbang' with 'replace' and then the file name which goes to a buffer~ then groove~. Using 'loadbang' and 'replace' for the clip doesnt work though. Ive tried a few other things but still haven't solved it, any ideas?
    Thanks -Ben

    • Apr 28 2006 | 10:17 am
      I think I might have been a bit vage before, Im using the imovie object in max and the problem is when I come to build the patch as an .exe file. I've included the movie clip in the correct folder but it just doesn't load like the audios do.
      When I open the patch normally in max it finds the movie ok every time without me having to do anything. Can you give the imovie object a replace command? It seems very limited from looking at the help file.
      Thanks again -Ben
    • Apr 29 2006 | 12:09 am