Problems with creator code in text object

    Oct 12 2009 | 4:04 am
    I'm using file to write out a textfile for loading into SoundHack. (yes, still useful for teaching purposes) The envelope in SoundHack is a pain for certain things, so I wrote on in Max (4.5). This worked no problem, using the file object to write it out as a text file.
    I rebuilt the patch in Max 5 and SoundHack will not read the files that it now produces. Dropfile recognizes files from both versions as TEXT file types.
    However, if I use the command-line tool /Developer/Tools/GetFileInfo -c myfile.txt
    on an old file I get: "TEXT" but on the new file I get: ""
    I have tried the filetype TEXT message, but that doesn't seem to change it (or at least to SoundHack's satisfaction). SoundHack in its OS7 glory doesn't want to open anything without it.
    Any suggestions?
    thanks, Peter McCulloch