Problems with preset loader starting sfplay~

    Apr 06 2010 | 4:25 pm
    I've set a preset for an installation to start video audio timers and various other things but when i click it it triggers audio files from a umenu into sfplay~ that shouldn't start until the timer reaches 600 - which is hugely annoying! It wasn't playing when i set the preset and I can't understand why it would, here is the bit of code in question!:
    any help much appreciated - would rather not have to set all the levels manually everytime i run the installation!

    • Apr 07 2010 | 3:40 am
      your preset might be saving the umenus too, in which case it will cause them to output upon preset loading, causing the files to start. Other than that, I'm not sure...
      Also there are some shortcuts possible in your patch, with the "if" statements and the inc/dec. (If you use an inc/dec elsewhere, you need to connect the output back into it if you want it to remember where it was. In this case you can just use a counter.)
    • Apr 07 2010 | 12:13 pm
      cheers - i think thats what is happening. I might just set up loadbang messages - its only to set gains ect for elements of the soundscape.
      Cheers for the 'sel 600' bits, thats a fair less crude way of achieving what i wanted.