Program to convert Kinect for Windows to OSC

    Apr 27 2014 | 7:09 pm
    Hi guys,
    I just finished a project connecting the Kinect via Synapse to Max on my Mac and it worked great. Now I want to go to the next level. Kinect for Windows SDK gets the motion info way better than in OSX, but I don't know how to convert that info to OSC to get it into Max. Does anyone know if there's a program with source code I could adapt to do this?

    • Apr 27 2014 | 7:36 pm
      do you have max on the other pc ? then you could use dp.kinect which afair uses Windows official kinect sdk, then the odot objects from cnmat, and send odot osc packets through UDP with udpsend. Of course there are other solutions without max, but if you have max this should be relatively easy.