Projections in Theater

    Mar 17 2013 | 6:07 pm
    Hello C74,
    Glad to come across this large community of artists and programmers. Currently i am busy with a very itchy topic: projections in theatre, not strictly video projections, but any kind of projection depended or generated by digital media. What concerns me at the moment is the way audience could project onto the stage. With my supervisor, we attach to the term ''projections'' the meaning of transposition, reflection, echoing, namely all kind of fantasies which float around when a theatrical performance is taking place. Quite abstract still, but since i am seeking for a strong thesis related to the topic (started from the concept of video projections in theater) i would like to listen your perspectives since there are many artists here working on max and probably they would engage in a more theoretical conversation on ''projections''.
    best greetings