PS Move/Eye Object Project

    Mar 09 2016 | 9:50 pm
    Hi all,
    I am curious if any Max external developers are interested in participating in an open source project to develop objects for Playstation Move and Eye, on top of the PS Move API library:
    I have been planning this for some time but have recently been especially motivated given the forthcoming release of Playstation VR which makes heavy use of Move/Eye combo, and also some research in 3D audio I have been doing.
    At any rate, just gauging interest before I look at a basic architecture of what this will take and proceed to get a github repo set up for the project. We might finish off with a pull request to PS Move API repo and then close up shop, contributing to that repo instead once we have a working MVP.
    Take note that there used to be some issues with initial pairing of PS Move controllers in Windows but I believe that workarounds now exist. Once they are paired you generally have no further issues working with them in Windows.