Pulse Object for Windows?

    Feb 20 2009 | 6:19 am
    I am trying to convert a project from Max 5 on the Mac to Windows. I'm about 95% of the way there, save for a few objects. In particular, I am in dire need of James McCartney's Pulse object.
    I don't have the Windows version of Max5 - I'm compiling the program on the Mac, and testing it on my PC using Max5 Runtime. So, there's no way for me to compile an external for Windows - at least not that I know of. From what I see, Gary Lee Nelson has created a pulseUB object on his website, but not a version of pulse for windows. I see that the folder contains XCode items. (I've attached a version of pulsemetro, which includes the pulse files.)
    Does anyone have an already packaged pulse external object for Windows, or the ability to create one, using XCode? I'm quite pressed for time on this project, so learning about XCode would unrealistic right now.
    Any help would be most appreciated.
    Thanks, Anthony Cornicello