Q Gain compensation

    Nov 14 2013 | 2:20 pm
    Hi. At first sorry for my Eng. I'm working on an additively subtractive synth based on noise pocessing. At this moment i have a problem with gain compensation by increasing Q. To tell in simple words: when i'm raising Q very high, the volume drops very low. To make a calculation is not very hard for me, but i really can't figure it out what formula should i use as base. Could anybody please help me?
    If needed i'll post everything you want, from my patch.

    • Nov 14 2013 | 4:23 pm
      you didnt say what "Q" refers to.
      i assume we are talking about a biquad filter.
      if you have biquad lowpasses in serial you would simply add the Q values: 2 filters with a Q of 0.4 each will sound similar to one at 0.8, and the Q values should be limited at 0.4999 each.
    • Nov 14 2013 | 7:39 pm
      Thanks for response =) But my problem also is that i'm using Q values from 0.2 to 500.
      A little bit of my insane thoughts. At this moment i have 16 biquad BP filters. I understand that equal gain of filters i will get by dividing incoming signal on sum of all gain parameters for every filter. And asi understand his is not the main priority for me now.