Q: Identify selected chain in a (drum) rack?

    Jan 14 2014 | 6:22 pm
    =======Edit Start======= Hi all, I see that the Live 9 Object Model now has a Device.View object with children selected_drum_pad and selected_chain. This is exactly what I need! Unfortunately, I can't run Live 9 and only have Live 8. Please, if anyone knows a workaround, or can point me to a JS file, I'd appreciate any help.
    (I could keep track of all of the set's drum racks's selected chains (with 0's as defaults), and then change the data whenever the appointed_device or selected_device lies somewhere within a drum rack (using the path). The problem, tho, is that if the user clicks a chain in the chain list, the rack remains selected and my data is wrong (i.e. the ID of the first device in the selected chain, which is now visible, is not known to Max. :( )
    Here's my original post: ========Edit End========
    Hi all, I have a drum rack with the chain list visible. I click on the third chain in the list. It is now highlighted and the appropriate device shows up to the right. Good. I click the title bar of the drum rack again and the third chain is still selected (though not in focus). Good.
    How can I identify that the third chain (path live_set tracks 0 devices 0 chains 2) is the drum rack's selected chain? (I wish there was a selected_chain property!!!) EDIT:There is in the Live 9 object model.
    If I can't identify the drum rack's selected chain, how can I get the path/ID of the device currently visible to the right of the chain list (in this case, path live_set tracks 0 devices 0 chains 2 devices 0) ? (If I know this, then identifying the parent's selected chain is trivial.)
    Thanks in advance, Miguel3d