Quadro FX5600 for Infrared tracking ... Known issues?

    Feb 27 2009 | 10:27 am
    Hi, I'm wondering if there's known problems with the quadro fx5600 graphic card for MacPro. Is there a significant increase of the real time rendering compare to nvidia geforce 8800GT? I'm working on Infrared body and reflective material's tracking (thanks to cv.jit objects)in order to project textures on them. The videoprojector resolution will be 1920x1080 but the projection surfaces won't exceed 500x500 pixels.
    I've planned to use a decklink intensity pro (pci express) in order to grab the composite signal of a night and day camera (panasonic CP480). Will a usb or firewire camera would be more efficient? I'm 15m far from the scene which is 8m large. The tracking materials could be 5 cm. The scene will be dark. I'm lighting it with infrared projector. I'm masking the visible light with an infrared filter. The projected textures will have to be qualitative and follow the reflective object as fast as possible (2 frames offset would be acceptable).
    Any advices would be very appreciable.
    Thanks in advance.
    Benoit SIMON.

    • Mar 01 2009 | 6:10 pm
      Hi there... Nobody tried the quadro fx on a MacPro? I have to order it in few days. I would have love to get some feedback before spending 2500 euros for a graphic card...
      Benoit SIMON.
    • Apr 05 2009 | 9:16 pm
      Hi list,
      Since the last time I wrote, I bought some stuff. I'm not completely satisfy with the efficiency of the result so if some of you would have the curiosity to open my patch or give me some advices for codec choice, material choice, I would appreciate...
      So, this is the sum up: I'm working on a patch that should allow me to track one or more blob due to their size and brightness. I'm using an infrared beamer and reflective materiel (such as a ring, bracelet, dress... which are covered by a 3M reflective fabric). A monochrome analogic camera (Panasonic WV-CP480) is watching the stage (8m large). A Christie videoprojector (1920x1200 @60Hz @16000 lumens) is connected (DVI via Minidisplayport) to a MacPro Octocore 2,26Ghz/10 Go RAM/ GT120 512VRAM / Blackmagic Intensity Pro (Uncompressed 8 bit or PhotoJPEG codec). A visible light filter in front of the camera let me watch the IR only.
      Some of my problems are:
      - Moving (quickly or not) a movie inside the videoplane is not fluid - Multiple blobs tracking is not efficient. They get confused...
      Thanks in advance.I hope that this topic will interest some of you.Of course, I joined the max5 patch with this topic.
      Benoit SIMON.
    • Apr 06 2009 | 8:38 am
      Well i don't have that lovely christie beamer at home... But a fast look at your patch i've seem that your jit.qt.movie should have colormode uyvy @unique 1 @adapt1. To debug and to get as fast as possible i would suggest trying each scene alone and add them after. Don't forget to make uyvy back to rgba for blobs and of course on gpu... PS please don't automate fullscreen mode and leave esc ascii in place
      Cheers Hubert
    • Apr 06 2009 | 10:49 pm
      Thank you for your answer. Indeed, I will use the uyvy colormode. But it's not changing the lack of fluidity... It seems that my main problem is the jit.qt.grab. I can't find the codec and arguments that give me a good resolution (720x576), few latency and no flicker... I'm actually using jit.qt.grab 720x576 @unique 1 @vmode 0 codec photojpeg (50%) source intensity pro pal 25fps
      By the way, how do I set the codec and quality without opening the setting's window?
      Thanks in advance for all of you who will give me advices...
      PS: gloup... sorry for the fullscreen mode...
    • Apr 07 2009 | 4:42 pm
      took another quick look i would suggest cleaning up... and you should make a motor patch wich will trigger bangs in a certain order (t b b b b with s draw1 s draw2 etc...) and avoid using different qmetro. Everything has an order, follow the flow you should be sure that one thing a time is done... this should help to get a more fluid image let us know!!!