Question about metro / playing many video

    Apr 17 2013 | 3:46 pm
    Even if i'm a beginner with Max Jitter, I found the way to play quicktime video and also, to create a metro But now, here is my question:
    If my goal would be to play one video after one, how can I actually do this? Because actually, the problem that i have is that if I ''plug'' the metro with a counter, and after to each video, it's like if it were playing a second of eache video, kind of at the same time
    ( well, sorry, my english is not perfect, but i hope that this is clear! :P )

    • Apr 17 2013 | 4:43 pm
      The metro just tells the movie object to output frames, it doesn't control the actual transport.
      You can send the object the start and stop messages if you want to control this: