Question about Presets and Applications

    Nov 10 2010 | 6:00 am
    I have made a rather massive and unruly patch that nonetheless does what I want it to do, and all along while working on it, used a preset object to "save" where I was at, settings-wise. There are a good many parameters being dictated by sliders for example, where I've got everything dialed in just right. Now, it seems that saving the patch with the desired preset selected does not save it in that state--it defaults to all sliders, etc. on 0 and so on. Not a big deal for me, I just select my preset upon opening the patch and I'm good. However, I want to save this thing as a standalone application, with the default settings being my preferred preset for the whole patch. How does one do this? I know I could, for example, set up loadbang objects/messages, etc. where appropriate to match said preset, but is there a way to simply save the patch with the various and sundry settings just where I left them? Thanks.
    P.S.--I toyed with the "freeze attributes" a bit, but it seemed funky--for example, I froze the setting of a number object, but then after "unfreezing" it could not change it--it was simply stuck (so that approach did not breed confidence).

    • Nov 10 2010 | 8:05 am
      if you're using preset, just do "loadmess 1" to it (if preset #1 is your default state). You can also have a hidden preset to do just this, where user can click a "reset" button and restore these defaults, if they are a good starting point. Having the preset hidden will keep them from overriding it with their own; you can have a visible one for them to mess with, if you want. Or you can have the default preset be a number higher than what is accessible in the UI part of the preset, so it's always available via a message, but not clickable.
      No need to lose all those carefully-dialed settings, I know what you mean. a lot of times it's even just to speed development and testing along...
      and the "freeze attributes" is a different thing: the value stored by a slider is not an attribute, it's the current value. a good place to poke into this is to click the left inlet of objects, check out the attributes/messages listings and think about the differences between the lists. though the jitter objects behave somewhat differently, they allow many more attributes to be set in the object description, with the @ notation. And many attributes aren't listed in these popup lists, to keep things less you manage them in the Inspector.
    • Nov 10 2010 | 9:10 am
      but even the preset file is embedded into the patch, i would still write it out to a separate file and keep that around. (write / read messages) i have lost quite some hair by transferring patches with presets to different machines and the presets got lost in transition.
    • Nov 10 2010 | 3:31 pm
      Thanks all!---will experiment with pattrstorage and also with loadmess and see what suits this the best!