QUESTION: Running a large number of audio files simultaneously

    Feb 21 2013 | 12:35 am
    Hello all! I am trying to design a touch-screen-based interface that can simultaneously run 87 premade audio files (all of them 6-minute long) and selectively fade them in and out at variable rates so that I can control the group of actually sounding lines at a given moment. Finally, I want to be able to selectively diffuse the audio files through a quadraphonic system. I have been tinkering with MAX/MSP, but I have not done any major task, so I feel quite lost here. ANY help and suggestions will be much appreciated.
    The three biggest challenges for me are… (1) Playing 6-minute long audio files (87 of them) always running simultaneously in real time with high stability (2) fading-in and –out them at variable rates (3) Quadraphonic diffusion (4) Connection of the patch to touch screen (ipad or galaxy tap)
    Again, thank you so much! Best wishes, J

    • Feb 21 2013 | 12:07 pm
      I'm no expert in this kind of situations, but it seems to me that trying to run so much audio material at the same time would be very hard to do, except if you've got a lot more RAM that what would be necessary just to load all this in buffers. Just a point you don't mention. Are these mono or stereo ? I think I would rather imagine a system to play some of them selectively and change the selection on the fly. If you want some kind of timeline, you can build something that would launch each file from where it would be supposed to play if it ran continuously. Start here, then consider the other points... Just my 2 cents.