Quicktime 7.04 and savemovieas with jit.qt.movie and an absolute path (windows XP)

    Mar 04 2006 | 6:19 pm
    When I try the savemovieas command with an absolute path and with a name that do not relate to an existing file on my hardrive, the file created is not usable (quiktime can't read it). The workaround is to send once again the savemovieas command with the same name over the file previously created to create a file that is usable by Quicktime.
    Below is a patch that show the problem, can someone reproduce it ?
    There was no problem with Quicktime 6.5 to 7.03
    Windows XP max 4.5.5 jitter 1.5.2 and QUICKTIME 7.04

    • Mar 06 2006 | 11:25 am
      i've heard bad things about the qt 7.04 update... maybe that is the problem since it worked up to qt 7.03.
      i know there is a downgrader on apple support site, but i think its mac only!