quicktime 7 status?

    Jan 19 2006 | 6:49 pm
    Just to bring it up in this neat new forum. I've just upgraded to Tiger, therefor I'm also on quicktime 7.04. Should I downgrade, if this is possible?

    • Jan 19 2006 | 6:59 pm
    • Jan 19 2006 | 7:01 pm
      okei thanks! I'm using spigot so I guess that means downgrading to 6.5.2 then.
    • Jan 19 2006 | 7:17 pm
      make sure you check the archives about this issue. i seem to remember some comments about issues with Tiger and qt 6.5.2. cheers bruce
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    • Jan 19 2006 | 7:33 pm
      Thanks for the tip. Actually I was hoping for the information to pop up here. I know it must be annoying with a newbie, asking for things that's been explained before, but I tend to use a lot of time searching, and then not knowing if the information I found is up to date.
      If there's a problem with QT7, there could be a notification, even a stickie here, notifying about it. I'm sorry to bother if it's allready here somewhere.
    • Jan 19 2006 | 9:17 pm
      since the jitter list is brand new (recently split off from the main max-list) you'll find more useful information in the max-list archive. just google the list for tiger and qt 6.5.2 and you'll find it... b
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    • Jan 19 2006 | 10:29 pm
      For people who are in 10.3 who have accidently upgraded to QT7 (but not Tiger), downgrading back to 6.5.2 can sometimes cause weird issues (mostly regarding digitizers from what I've heard). This isn't limited to Max/MSP/Jitter, apparently the QT 6.5.2 reinstaller doesn't properly overwrite certain files installed by QT7.
      Here's a link to a page that outlines a method for downgrading to QT 6.5.2 properly: http://fox-gieg.com/tutorials/2005/undo-quicktime-7/
      Of course, it does require being in 10.3.9
      On another note.. this has already been reported to C74, but this might be useful heads-up for some other folks - I have encountered one other issue with Jitter & QT7 (besides spigot~) when using the direct to window method for jit.qt.movie. It works fine for regular playback, but at negative speeds it gets all messed up.
      - David
    • Jan 25 2006 | 4:00 am
      So what is a viable alternative to getting audio out of a QT movie for use in a patch? Some crazy re-routing using Soundflower+aggregate audio device? Anything better?
    • Jan 25 2006 | 9:04 am
      On 25 janv. 06, at 05:00, Adam Murphy wrote:
      > > So what is a viable alternative to getting audio out of a QT movie > for use in a patch? Some crazy re-routing using Soundflower > +aggregate audio device? Anything better?
      sfplay~ or buffer related objects...
    • Jan 25 2006 | 6:12 pm
      That seems fine for just loading the audio, but I need the video playing as well, synced.
      I did install soundflower last night and built the patch I need around that. Realtime performance wasn't good though, but it's probably my lack of programming experience. This is my first from scratch Jitter patch. I love this program!