quoted symbols get mangled when editing a coll via jit.cellblock


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    Adam Murray
    Dec 30 2008 | 11:55 pm
    If I'm editing a coll with jit.cellblock, and the entries in the coll are symbols containing spaces (e.g. "some message"). They show up without the quotes in jit.cellblock. Great, that's exactly what I want... until I edit the coll via the cellblock's inline edit mode and I hit a usability issue.
    When I double click a cell, I don't see the quotes (some message). If I hit enter without changing anything it maintains the entry correctly. But if I change the entry (some message!) then it loses everything except the first symbol (some). I have to manually wrap it in double quotes ("some message!"). Then the quotes stick around for a little bit, but seem to disappear in some situations so I have to keep manually adding them. Not sure exactly how that happens, but I know if I constructed the coll via messages to the coll, the quotes won't show up in jit.cellblock when I first refer to the coll.
    Since it seems that it doesn't make any sense to set the value without quotes (some message --> some), can jit.cellblock be fixed so that when a space is present in the cell, it will automatically treat it as a single quoted symbol? It would make inline edit a heck of a lot easier to use in these situations. That's what I would prefer, but an alternate solution would be for the quotes to always appear when needed during an edit so I don't get tricked into deleting everything after the first space.
    (Max 5.0.5 on OS X 10.5.6)
    Max Patcher
    In Max, select New From Clipboard.
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