Radio bad signal effect?

    May 14 2011 | 2:58 pm
    I would like to create a noise and distortion like bad signal from the radio. I will connect itunes live radio streaming. I am testing jittery static noise, but it is too clean still. Because it is live audio streaming, I am trying to trigger a Filtergraph~ Any idea to make this distorting live signal to be triggered more sofisticate way?
    p.s what freq and filtered noise is more similar with actual radio's static sound?

    • May 15 2011 | 1:16 pm
      This is something I've pondered over before but using [groove~] instead of an audio input source. This patch isn't technically correct, but is capable of achieving radio-interference style results.
    • May 15 2011 | 1:51 pm
      A convolution sounds good. maybe I should mix some other variables for more subtle and condensed static distortion... Thank You.
    • May 15 2011 | 6:21 pm
      It sounded like fun so I had a go. I used the hilbert~ transform for some nice ringmod, a bit of rand~ modulated with the inputs volume, add a few random clicks and a little AM modulation for ground hum kind of sound and generally messing it up. Probably overkill but it sounds like poorly tuned radio to me.
    • May 15 2011 | 10:10 pm
      I couldn't resist too...
    • May 15 2011 | 10:21 pm
      wow distortion sounds very cool, it seems like a real radio static sounds more like a wind-swirly sound? something like it does sounds more spatial whirlwind of lower frequency.. maybe because of radio case, maybe should add some resonance and electronic scrachy sound..
    • May 16 2011 | 7:31 am
      > wow distortion sounds very cool
      If you really think so, listen to this radio. It's built with maxmsp. Anyway, I agree.
    • May 16 2011 | 8:05 pm
      So I had a listen to the YouTube clip and I had another go. I think it's closer If I spent more time at it I could get it. There are a few presets but they are all with no music from sfplay~ just really about the noise.
    • May 16 2011 | 9:18 pm
      Sounds awsome. really love the hiss
    • May 16 2011 | 9:50 pm