ramp between osc messages using (line)

    Jul 02 2009 | 11:36 pm
    hi hope you are fine. :)
    EDIT*** found the solution ...to have two message boxes rather than just one. and use each individually for the high and low parameters, then the line glides from one to the other and you can manually change the parameters via sliders. pheww..... (goes to make a cuppa)
    i'm making a patch for automating a ramp between two osc messages ive done quite well so far, im just stuck on one thing , which is setting the parameters in a message box (which is connected to the line module) via two sliders: here is a pic to show what i mean : >
    ** mistake in the picture: 0.948 is a fixed value.
    maybe there is a better way to input the two parameters without using a message box?
    any help would be great !!
    teqy :)
    patch in picture
    original message
    hi :) i'm wondering is it possible to create an automated string of osc messages that glide from one to the other.
    i'm sending only two messages at the moment via two bangs ( one slightly latter than the other.)
    number 1:
    | (pack 1.5 3.5) | (osc/mesg/first) | udpsend 10 110 11 1
    number 2:
    (pack 1.5 4.5) | (osc/mesg/last) | (udp send 10 110 11 1)
    so at the moment it changes very harshly from 3.5 to 4.5 (the second collum of the osc message)
    i know if i use a fader to manually fade from one to the other i get a nicer smoother crossfade from 3.5 to 4.5.
    so i'm wondering if there is a module or method to make msp do this automatically? so that when you send a bang it goes from one message to the other ( with say 300 steps resolution?)
    a auto slide/ glide module perhaps for a fader?
    thanks for any help :)

    • Jul 03 2009 | 9:34 am
      Have you looked at [line]?
    • Jul 03 2009 | 12:52 pm
      hi thanks i just found a way to use line this morning. :)
      ive almost got it all working except for one thing which is setting message box parameters using 2 x faders
      ive added the patch below.
      basically trying to vary and set 0 and the 1 in the message (0,1 1000) using faders. ( the 1000 is the fade time in ms)
      ive added text to make it more understandable
      thanks to anyone that can help.
      teqy :)