random clips

    Sep 12 2007 | 11:50 pm
    hi all ... i?m working on a video project which is basicly about a more or less never ending video clip. the project will last for about 3 mounth on fassade of the kunsthaus graz www.bix.at i would like to generate as many clips as needed to fill the 3 mounth of playback.
    we recorded the main street leading by the kunsthaus serveral times from the exact point in a tram so we have some identical clips with different urban scenario in front. by cutting them on specific point with in the street we try to create a hundrets of clips by combining the parts of everysingle captured movie with the other.
    i?m not sure what is the most efficent way of cutting the clip into peaces should i do it before in FCP so ill get hundrets of clips to load in one after the other. i would prefer to load the whole 6 clips in once and cut them in jitter but it might be hard to cut at the exact point since the point are different in every clip because of the speed of the tram. it could be usefull to create markers to jump to. in max or FCP
    the probability says that there gonna be millions of combinations but i dont know how to implement the formula to not get duplicates
    can any one point me to the write way how to combine the clips in an efficent way.

    • Sep 13 2007 | 8:55 pm
      One possible approach:
      * scrub through the clip in [jit.qt.movie] to find cutpoints, send 'gettime' to spit them out, record those into a [coll] with an index number * use [urn] (non-repeating RNG) to choose index numbers for sets of looppoints to send to your playback [jit.qt.movie]'s * listen for the end of the movie so you can preload the next one and trigger a crossfade when the time is right ** heed the words of vade about preloading (https://cycling74.com/ forums/index.php? t=msg&goto=114962&rid=0&S=a9546d20b1d9a67233677b5f799f6cff):
      > jit.qt.movie @preroll 1 @autostart 0. > > load the movie, start it and immediately stop it. it becomes cued and > ready to play without a pause (thus, uh, prerolled) > > just send 'start' when you want it to play.
      and here's a patch that demonstrates how jit.qt.movie handles time and "loopreport" isn't reliable: