Random "Invalid syntax" message

    Nov 23 2013 | 9:00 am
    I try to get the currently selected Scale from Push and I don't understand why I get an "Invalid syntax" error:
    When I send "get notes" I get the expected values, but when I send "get modus" or "get available_scales" I get an "Invalid syntax" error.
    This doesn't make sense to me since the according remote script part looks like this (taken from freshly decompiled Live 9.1 Push/InstrumentComponent.pyc):
    def modus(self):
    return self._modus_list.scrollable_list.selected_item.content
    def available_scales(self):
    return self.modus.scales(KEY_CENTERS)
    def notes(self):
    return self.modus.scale(self.key_center).notes
    So neither "modus" nor "available_scales" seem to need a variable, but there is still this error, which looks very random to me, when I just look at that part of the script (and I have no clue where to look otherwise).
    I only can think of three possible reasons for this:
    1. the value the live.object gets isn't readable for the live.object
    2. modus and available_scales aren't exposed to m4l for some reasons (which one could that be?)
    3. there is an error in the remote script
    But I feel like they are all wrong. Has anyone an idea why this is happening?