Random MIDI Patch Help

    Feb 23 2012 | 1:36 pm
    Hi guys; long time lurker first time poster here.
    I've been creating a patch to generate midi notes with random pitch, velocity, duration, pitch bend and program.
    Achieving this using urns and random, into a makenote, and the pitch/velocity from makenote into a midiformat as a list.
    All recording into a seq.
    When i record the sequence and write it, sometimes (not all the time) i get a .mid file that is like an hour long when i've only recorded for a few minutes.
    Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this? Ive tried gating the input to the seq when record is stopped, and sending an allnotesoff (157?) to the midiformat.
    I will upload the patch when i get to my computer.

    • Feb 23 2012 | 8:52 pm
      Here is the patch, haven't done the random program yet in this one, and its a bit messy from my attempts to find out what is wrong.
    • Feb 24 2012 | 9:00 am
      I did look at your patch but I haven't tried it. I am not sure, but it sounds like a midi-note off issue as you suggest. I think its a good idea to do use a midiflush object in your midi chain and send a bang to it just before you write the file. does that fix it?
    • Feb 24 2012 | 9:44 am
      There is an obvious flaw in the patch as you are using an 'if' object with a second outlet but it sends nothing out there (missing argument after 'out2'). So the 'stop' message is never triggered.