rate~ crashing gen~ when sync=off

    Feb 13 2020 | 6:13 pm
    having a weird + annoying issue here
    i'm using a phasor to lookup a remapping buffer inside gen, and then use that curved output to drive a rate~ the remapping graph inside the buffer is generated through a matrixctrl and js.
    every time i regenerate a new remapping function and overwrite the previous one, there's a 8/10 chance that the rate that's being driven off the remapped phasor will 'die' as in stop working and need gen to be re initialised to come back to life again
    curiously, this doesn't happen when it's in sync 'lock' mode
    my wild theory is that when i overwrite the buffer, phasor goes offline for a moment, and rate~ can't follow?
    if it's in sync lock mode it can pick itself back up after the blip, but if it's in off mode maybe it's losing track of where it should be??
    am i missing something obvious?

    • Feb 13 2020 | 8:01 pm
      seems doing the analysis to one buffer, then copying to the one that's being read is ok
      will figure something out down those lines !