Re: [max-msp] ?Bug? in external?!

    Apr 23 2006 | 10:00 pm
    I am wondering if any other M/M/J users have experienced the problems I am having here. Below my message, I have quoted a prior poster to the max-msp list who had a similar (but not exactly the same) problem to the one I am having.
    Running a previously created patch that worked fine on a Powerbook G4 1GHz / 1.5GB RAM.
    Now I'm trying to work on it on a new IMac G5 2.1GHz / 1.5 GB RAM.
    Both machines have Jitter 1.5.2 installed. With the Powerbook test-run, all works fine, > building GL on window "Sonic_Subway_Map"... ... commences and the project is OK.
    With the new IMac test-run, I get: > building GL on window "Sonic_Subway_Map"...
    then > setting subteximage during submission: GL Error: Invalid operation
    I'm not using [] so I'm quite confused. And since nothing has changed besides my machine here, I'm further confused.
    Can anyone else speak to or offer solutions to this issue? Like the previous poster, I need to be ready for this in a few weeks, and am anxious to get all bugs fixed and gloss up the installed product. Thanks a million, Jim
    On 11/25/05, bart wrote: > Hi, Jitter people, > I use now MaxMSP4.5.5/Jitter1.5.2 on a Powerbook G4 1.5 GHz / 512MB ram > / 64MB vram. > > > I think that there is a problem, ?bug? in external > because in the same patch: > In MaxMSP4.5.3/Jitter1.2.3 > NO GL Errors, my patch worked nice > In MaxMSP4.5.5/Jitter1.5.2 > GL Errors with textures but no crash, > textures in my patch are not visible anymore! > > > Max window shows GL Errors: > > building GL on window "Backworld"... > building GL on window "BeatTheSabbath"... > setting subteximage during submission.: GL Error: > Invalid operation > > and > > building GL on window "Backworld"... > building GL on window "BeatTheSabbath"... > error binding texture to target: GL Error: Invalid > operation > error entering unbind: GL Error: Invalid operation > > but i don't use this external in my patch! > > This error gives this problem: > > Textures are in Jitter1.5.2 not on every 3d model visible like before > with Jitter1.2.3 where it worked properly. > > > I think that there is a problem in the external in > Jitter1.5.2 because of this changes: > > - now uses internally. use sendtexture > message to send messages to the texture set by usetexture > > > > > > I hope you can find a solution and fix this ?bug? because i have to do > a performance with this patch in two weeks. > Thanks and regards, Bart > >