Re: [max-msp] [OT] London VJ/video

    Jan 15 2006 | 5:56 pm
    give a shout when you`ll arrive, there is couple of places,
    where you could play, but for free, i`m afraid,
    i can hook you up with some djs or venues, also is quite uk orientated,
    best, wojciech

    • Jan 15 2006 | 11:22 pm
      hi. i will be in amsterdam from feb 17-19. i'd love to project somewhere for a few hours; anyone on this forum willing to open their beamer to a guest projectionist from the US?
    • Jan 16 2006 | 12:41 am
      What is a "beamer" and what is it to "project somewhere"?
      I'm confused that this list goes unactive for a long time and then there's a sudden series of posts.
      I'm a Windows XP Pro user (but I hate Microfinsoft); so I'm wondering if being a "Windoze" user is making me miss some things that the Mac user's enjoy.
      As soon as I get the extra income I'm going to get a Macintel, but wondering what the issues are there.
      My interests are in MIDITron use with video mixing and stage lighting control, and use of Roland VDrums (high-end set; the 5k best).
    • Jan 16 2006 | 12:50 am
      i was being too kool kid slangy for you, i guess.
      beamer = projector
      this was a request for a visualist gig. as in, moving images out of a laptop using max for video but not sound. sorry if you got this on your list corner.
    • Jan 16 2006 | 1:08 am
      Can anyone begin posting QuickTime video of some performances?
      I think it would help stir the waters here and make forward progress for some of us wondering just what the heck is going on out there in reality for MaxMSP.
      Anyone in the Miami area?