Reading and saving file paths from within a M4L device

    Jan 15 2015 | 9:05 am
    Hi all,
    I'm transforming a very simple, functioning patch into a plugin so that I can run multiple instances of it in Live and automate their parameters with Live automation. The patch is randomly ("random urn" to be exact) playing one sample after another from a list you create by drag-n-dropping files. It reads files from disk with sfplay~, not from a buffer. Everything works fine in Max, and everything is fine in M4L except for something I don't understand:
    The plugin can read files from the project folder when the project is stored on the Desktop (Mac) but not when it is placed in a subfolder. Why is that? How does M4L work with file paths? I couldn't find any description of that, and I couldn't find any devices at that do this and that I could dissect - only ones that use buffers.
    See the attached file for the current version of the device.
    Thanks very much for any hint!