Reading bpatcher data from outside via pattr system?

    Nov 15 2010 | 4:04 am
    I have a main patch with a bpatcher. Both have objects which are bound to the pattr system via pattrstorage and autopattr. The pattr system is new to me but I learned the basics, can use it with a bpatcher and store presets.
    But I need more than maintaining object states. Here comes the question:
    I have a couple of LEDs (actually over 40) in the bpatcher. I turn them on or off by mouse clicks. But I also want to set them from the outside, from the main patch. I need to say, "bpatcher, turn your LED number 37 on!" And, vice versa, if I click on a LED within the bpatcher, this should be heard on the outside.
    Can I use my existing pattr system for that or do I need cables or sends between the objects? I tried to store and recall at each mouse click but that goes quite complicated, I suspect it is not the right way.
    If this was not clear, I spare you the mess with my poor English. I prepared a small example and attached it as a .zip file to this mail (couldn't make a working text copy, probably because of the bpatcher).

    • Nov 15 2010 | 5:26 am
      Solved, stop thinking ;-) Send/Receive with the [autopattr] in a bpatcher does the trick.