reading multiple recorded videos with generic name and more

    Apr 23 2008 | 6:50 am
    Hello there,
    My task is as follows:
    I need to record live video feed, up to 1 min worth, save that to hdd with a generic name (this I have already created a patch for thanks to help of this forum) but my next step is to pull up that video and then play it on loop. (I will do other things as well, but this is the basic overall concept of what I need to achieve, and the part that I am stuck on). Once that has been achieved for one video, I will need to achieve this for an unlimited amount of files - but for now lets say 4 videos. Becuase the plan is that my sensor will set off the recording and record a max of 1 min, then this is to be played (outputed on projector) (either immediately or delayed - not too important at the moment) on a loop. Each time a new video is recorded, i want to add it to my set of video being played. I would like to get the scissors and glue patch to do this. What I mean is that say the first video plays in position top left, and then when a second video is generated, it takes over position top left and pushed the first video to the next position for arguments sake be that top right (as the generic scissors and glue patch divides it up into four sections).
    There is a lot here to contemplate, but if I can get the basic framework working, then i will be able to modify it later.
    Just for testing purposes I havnt worried about the sensor at the moment I just have a toggle to turn on and off the live feed and to stop start the recording. within the recording section I have been able to generate a generic name for the file and each time a recording is done, it creates a new name.
    I guess the first thing I need help with is a patch that will store the generic names so that it can later be read by a patch that will replay the video... I hope this isnt too confusing. Once I figure that out then the next step will be to set it up so the videos that are being played are sent to the jit.glue patch and are stiched together, each time moving them one position as a new video is played...............!
    here is my current patch to work from
    ANY help is appreciated and like all projects are working on a deadline!
    Thanks so much (even if u direct me to help tutorials or threads that already talk about this)
    Thanks Robert

    • Apr 23 2008 | 6:51 am
      here is the patch
    • Apr 23 2008 | 4:46 pm
      looks like you've done most of the work already. just check out the coll object to store the file names in.
    • Apr 24 2008 | 4:42 am
      thanks for that rob
      im jsut not sure how to get it to input the filve name - ive givin it a fews goes, but constantly get an error - i know im obviously doing something wrong, but with limited knnowledge dont know where to look now - then on top of that, grabbing a file name from that coll is something else that has me baffled.
      i hope you got and understood my email. i need all the advice i can get!
      regards Robert.
    • Apr 24 2008 | 5:41 am
      is this what you're trying to do?
    • Apr 24 2008 | 10:48 am
      omg yes its getting there you are a champ
      i wish I knew what all the areguments meant- im getting there.
      do you mind if i keep asking questions? i will post my final working patch for people once its done, i dont mind! its been a great learning process !
      ok, i integrated that into my current patch and works like a charm... im not sure what the number object inputting into the coll object is doing, nor do i know what the i and s after pack means, but ill get there. i also dont know what the symout after sprintf means either... hmm
      none the less i must hammer on. i have made the coll count only 4 lines of data to make this project simple. so its recording names of 4 videos which is good. i now need to read that each line, and play that video. im working on that now. i hope i get it going! what can i use as a switch for more than 2 things. so if there are four outputs, and they all input into switch 1, i want that input to switch to switch two when there is a new input in switch 1...
      lots of questions, im sorry if im hassling you!
    • Apr 25 2008 | 7:31 am
      ok, so i have made leaps and bounds thanks to chris and rob.
      i have more questions though!
      i have figured out how to read index lines from what is populated in the coll object. that is fine - but i need to do this 16 individual times. this i kind of have figured out
      the only problem now is routing each one back to its own movie player and not to all 16 players. i thought that i could accomplish this with the route object, but i have failed miserably. is there another way?? or is it possible with the route... i have attached a part of my patch to show you what i have done with some notes.
    • Apr 25 2008 | 7:10 pm
      trigger and gate are your friends. as are the max tutorials.
      once you get the hang of this, you should check out the poly_for_movies patch in the jitter examples folder. much easier to manage multiple movies that way.