reading text files

    Mar 01 2006 | 2:25 pm
    i'm a student and this semester for an academic project, i must use max msp in order to read 2 separate text files with letters... i've made a patch that reads lines sequencially, yet the list is a sequence of genomes (C,G,T,A letters) and the format is in a few letters per line. i could make it work, yet i would spend weeks formatting the text in order to have a letter per line. my question is if there is a method to read letter by letter from an external text file, and read a letter every 3 seconds.. this i know it can be controled with a metro, yet i don't work well with lists or external files.
    i hope someone can help me out sorting this problem out.
    Many thanks,
    Bruno Gustavo Costa
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    • Mar 01 2006 | 2:53 pm
      Hey, havent tried this myself, but you will probably find something that would good for the job in the L-objects (you should be able to find these on Hope they help T
    • Mar 01 2006 | 3:05 pm
      Try this. It needs Peter Elsea's Lobjects, and probably needs some cleaning up, but you'll get the idea.
    • Mar 04 2006 | 11:41 pm
      This patch you made works perfectly, yet the first line is repeated twice... i've tried to add a minimum cont value of 1 to the counter object, changed the start to 1 yet, it keeps repeating the first line. is there a way to bypass this repetition?
    • Mar 05 2006 | 2:53 pm
      The patch works. Obrigado professor.