Recall (Snap Shot) to RESET all effect parameters macroknobs with KAPTURE

    Oct 15 2013 | 12:37 am
    Hello I am new at all these i beleive i can reset all audio effect parameters with ableton live 8.1.1 + Max for Live + Kapture (
    or How to? any other way please...
    When I am mixing in Ableton Live I use two pairs of grouped sounds as in a DJ template, and when I am doing a transition between clips sounds I use (macro knobs - AKAI 25) some rev, filters, eqs, saturation etc. ending up with a pretty wet signal....
    when I want to play back those channels again to start a new part of the set, I have to MANUALLY re set all the parameters tweaking knobs to have a dry signal back.
    Is there any way I could do this with just One Knob,button, etc.. like re set all parameters at once?
    Thank you so much. Regards from Mexico