Recalling midi files and running them though live synths

    Feb 10 2013 | 8:42 pm
    Hello All, I am working on a patch in which I prepend midi data with umenu and run it though my synths on channels I set up in Ableton. I am aware that there is probably an easier way to do this by using max for live but it is for a project so I need to set it up so Ableton is the slave to Max. My question is how would I get the midi files I set up in umenu to go to my live synths then back into Max. Thank You!

    • Feb 10 2013 | 10:24 pm
      Ok so I got it to play from Ableton but I cant seem to be able to load my midi file into the seq object. I dont want to have to type the midi file name every time I want to change files. I would like to use umenu to prepend what seq I would like played. Not sure how to do that though. Any help would be most appreciated! :)
    • Feb 10 2013 | 11:20 pm
      You are currently sending the message "bang" to seq. You can use the right inlet of the message boxes to see what messages are being sent and it can be very helpful for debugging a patch.
      Hope this helps!
    • Feb 10 2013 | 11:52 pm
      That is so helpful! Thank you very much! Quick side question, there is a few second lag time between when I load the midi file and when it plays, is there anyway to make it instantaneous? The midi files are very small so Im not sure why it lags so much. Thanks!
    • Feb 11 2013 | 2:55 am
      I am not exactly sure why it is talking so long, but if it is an issue of taking time for the file to load you could preload the files into separate seq objects. That way each file is ready to go when you need it!
      Good luck!